Saturday, August 27, 2016


The hummingbirds were waiting 
For their sugar water feed;
Some sweetness must be something 
Every species seems to need.

If you read these words and doubt them
Or dismiss them with a shrug,
Think of how we can be nourished
By the sweetness of a hug.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Got Milk?

I saw an ad for a brand-new fridge.
It made me jealous - just a smidge,
For every time its doors do close
(Which happens often, I suppose),

It snaps a photo, which is sent
Right to your phone and it is meant
To help you out when at the store
In case your memory is poor.

You low on milk? Your butter gone?
Your cheese used up? Rely upon
Your phone and fridge to let you know
The aisles to which you need to go.

A written list? That's so passe.
Technology will lead the way
And take us to the very brink
Of where we'll never have to think.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Taking of Temperature

When Henry's toy thermometer
Was used to check his bear
For fever, I was most surprised
That not the derriere

Nor mouth was where he placed it,
For he made it very clear
That the best place for a reading
Was inside the teddy's ear.

I was poised to thus correct him
But I realized nowadays
That we measure kids for fever
In some unexpected ways.

In my day, things sure were different.
Still, we wouldn't need a push
To insert thermometers
Into the ear and not the tush.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I was raised with honesty
The uncontested rule,
A policy that was enforced
At home and, too, at school.

An object found by chance or luck,
I very quickly learned,
Could never be embraced as mine,
But had to be returned.

The wrong change given in a store?
An error being billed?
I’d proudly point them out; those values
Solidly instilled.

But times have somehow changed and now
Things don’t seem black or white.
My conscience sometimes grapples with
What may be wrong or right.

And so, instead of pride, I felt
A sense of ridicule
When, admitting that I’d underpaid,
I looked more like a fool.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


My headache was a killer;
I was overdue for lunch.
Two hours at the iPhone store
Had wearied me a bunch.

The remedy was simple, though
(Much more so than the phone) –
Two Advil with some water
And a Shake Shack custard cone.

The flavor was a favorite
And the wait was not too long.
In just a flash I felt that
Not a thing at all was wrong.

So here is my prescription
When a headache makes you groan –
Take some Advil for your head
And for your soul, an ice cream cone!

Monday, August 22, 2016

With Grandkids at the Zoo

If you were at the zoo today,
Perhaps you also viewed
Some bison and a tiger
With a regal attitude.

Some antlered deer and tortoises,
Some lemurs, fish and snakes
And every creature making sounds
That Old MacDonald makes.

But if you were observant
Then you might have seen as well
A tired foursome riding
On the insect carousel.

The 3 year old delighted 
In his up and down-type bug
With his nana standing shotgun,
Arms protecting with a hug.

While the 1 year old and grandpa
Sat behind and took it in,
Both enjoying as they circled,
Each displaying quite a grin.

Yet upon a close inspection
You would say, and you'd be right,
That the 4 of them will very likely
Sleep real well tonight!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


This poem insists on hiding;
It’s resisting being found,
Despite the fact it knows full well
To daily verse I’m bound.

It’s teasing and it’s taunting
Staying just beyond my grasp.
I grapple with it but the words
Just vanish from my clasp.

I’m indebted to my pencil
For it’s managed to corral
This rambunctious little bugger,
Which has lifted my morale.