Saturday, December 16, 2017

Jumping to Conclusions

Jumping to conclusions
Reinforces your illusions
That the way things are
Are how they shouldn’t be.

To avoid any confusions
Or suspicions of delusions
Some investigation
Seems to be the key.

Then you’ll find, to the exclusions
Of some paranoid collusions,
That the things you thought
Are not exactly true…

So be sure that such inclusions
Happen fast before seclusions
Are the punishments
That wait in store for you.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Doll House

It sat there on the bookstore shelf
And called attention to itself;
With stairs and lights and rooms to fill,
I thought that joy it would instill.

I schlepped it home and wrapped it tight,
Anticipating sheer delight
When both the grandkids got their gift;
How it would give my heart a lift!

The paper ripped, the house unpacked,
Assembled with our wits intact,
I waited for the eyes to light
But never counted on a fight.

For each one thought that he did know
Where every item ought to go
And naturally, their views diverged
While tempers flared and shrieking surged.

At last, to combat noise pollution,
We arrived at a solution –
Separate times for each to play
To keep the rivalry at bay.

But hours later, there’s a truce;
The reason why, I can’t deduce.
I’m watching them attempt to share;
To intervene, I wouldn’t dare!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Twenty-One Envelopes

Inside the box were twenty cards
To send to twenty friends
Or any folk to whom your wish
For festive joy extends.

But when I filled them out and they
Were signed and stamped and sealed,
I realized that the box had
One more envelope to yield.

It wasn’t a surprise, for it’s
Been just that way for years,
Though recently some companies
Have started switching gears.

The extra envelope is there
In case you make a goof
When writing an address;
Just start again and there’s no proof.

I guess the manufacturers
Thought little of our skill
To copy an address, but I
Their image won’t fulfill.

And so I have a drawer that’s full
Of envelopes galore.
I’m set for life if extras
Aren’t added anymore.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

To Recommend

I’m wary when I recommend
A restaurant or show.
Because I like it doesn’t mean
That’s where you’d want to go.

The same applies to movies
Or museums or hotels.
Our tastes may be so different
They’re not even parallels.

And as for docs and dentists,
There could always be a chance
You might have an outcome that would
Make you look at me askance.

If you ask for my opinions,
Take them with a grain of salt
So if you hate my suggestions
Then, at least, it’s not my fault.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Baking Cookies

I made the dough and let it set
For hours in the fridge,
Then rolled it out and cut the shapes
And added just a smidge

Of colored sugar on the tops.
Then while one batch was baking,
I started on another,
An enormous undertaking.

In fact, as time ticked by I felt
Exhausted; you may laugh
Because I had four balls of dough,
But only finished half.

My stopping in the middle really
Wasn’t a mistake,
For baking when you’re older means
You’ve gotta take a break!

Monday, December 11, 2017

An Afternoon of Mah Jongg

We catch up on our travels
And our families and homes.
(Not everyone’s on Facebook
Or reveals such stuff in poems.)

The lives we live are parallel
Though sometimes they converge;
So when they do, on food
And conversation we do splurge.

The game is incidental;
Still, we try to do our best
But even if we lose all day,
It doesn’t make us stressed.

An afternoon of mah jongg
Fills the room with clacking tiles.
More important are the faces
Of the players, filled with smiles.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Today I did some shopping
And my exercise as well.
I visited my kids and saw
The grands, for just a spell.

An ordinary Sunday, but
For one thing on my mind –
This date’s the one on which my dad
Left earthly life behind.

It happened many years ago
But when this day rolls ‘round,
A sadness fills my heart that is
Both subtle and profound.

Yet all I thought about
While every hour slipped on by
Was that now, today, some other people’s
Dads will also die.