Friday, April 20, 2018

Buying a Pillow

When buying a pillow
You have to keep track
If you sleep on your stomach
Your side or your back.

Do you want one with foam 
Like the memory kind
Or pure goose down from Europe,
The best you can find?

Is a zip-off type cover 
A perk that you need
Or one promised to last
Fifteen years guaranteed?

For you really can't tell
As you stand in the store 
Or peruse it online
On a pillow-hunt tour.

So you just take a gander
(Intentional pun!)
And you hope that you've chosen
A comfortable one.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cool Dad

Strutting down York Avenue,
Appearing in a hurry,
His face is beatific,
Showing not a drop of worry.

With one child in his hand grasp
And another at his chest,
He seems a modern father
But he stands out from the rest.

It isn’t for his man-bun,
Rather for the clothes he wears –
Not jeans or sweats or khakis,
For it’s leggings earning stares.

Today’s had printed donuts
Looking fattening and sweet,
While yesterday’s were swirled
With every color you might meet.

I wonder as his kids grow up
If they’ll think he looks cool
Or, as I perceived when others gaped,
More like a kingdom’s fool.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

To Tell the Truth

A game show from the 60’s
Filmed, of course, in black and white,
Is something we’ve been watching,
Though its relevance is slight.

Contestants all pretend to have
A job that sounds real cool,
But two are just imposters
And the panel they must fool.

The panelists (all four of them)
Are famous in the arts
And get to ask some questions
Showing off their charm and smarts.

The answers to their queries
Help them guess who’s telling lies
And when the “real” contestant stands,
It’s always a surprise.

The setup is so innocent,
Back from another age,
When something oh-so-simple
Was enough to thus engage.

A little trip into the past
Reminds us how things were
With many aspects of that life
I really do prefer.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lunch with an Old Friend

It’s really hard to stay in touch
With those you rarely see
And though you like them very much,
There is no guarantee

Connections won’t be severed;
Often life gets in the way.
The efforts you’ve endeavored
Sometimes don’t hold any sway.

For distance adds a wrinkle
When it’s multiplied by time
And add to that a sprinkle
Of the mountains you must climb.

When you calculate the factors
It’s a miracle, for sure,
When the Book of Life’s redactors
Somehow manage to secure

Just a quick and breezy meeting
With a friendship from the past
And, although it may be fleeting,
Happy thoughts will likely last.

When you start with a foundation,
Even one from long ago,
It makes sense that its duration
Will survive the ebb and flow.

Monday, April 16, 2018


To dilate eyes
It isn’t wise
To feel surprise
At pupils’ size.

You must surmise
This truth applies –
The doc relies
On such a guise.

Don’t analyze
Or agonize
For facts arise
(And that’s the prize).

But time sure flies
And justifies
The sight that lies
Within our eyes.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Wanting In

The noise woke up my husband,
A banging on the glass -
A robin at the window
Like he held a forward pass.

He tried again repeatedly,
His desperation weird;
With flapping wings, like in “The Birds,”
Quite crazy he appeared.

We hung a scarecrow and a witch
(Some Halloween d├ęcor)
Across the pane to scare him
But he kept on like before.

I wondered if he’d rouse the troops,
Like Hitchcock, to attack,
Though just one titmouse showed
And he flew off, not coming back.

At last the robin gave it up,
Yet we will never know
Just what it was inside our house
He really wanted so.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

East River Sighting

Nestled 'neath an overpass
A homeless guy camps out.
I pass his tent each morning
On my exercising route.

He has a lovely river view
And has no rent to pay,
Although it isn't quite the place
Where I would like to stay.

I rarely see him, but today,
Unfortunate for me, 
I caught him as he emptied out
His half-full jug of pee.

If ever you are tempted
To enjoy a river swim,
Heed my advice and find
Another venue for your whim.

This river's reputation
(Not a great one) stays intact
With this daily contribution
From a urinary tract!