Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Pot of Daffs

I bought some potted daffodils
To grace my windowsill.
Their yellow brightness warms the room
As flowers always will.

They’ll only last a week or two
But how my soul does dance
Each time that golden color
Draws me in for one quick glance.

I’ve made myself a promise
That I hope that I can keep –
That flowers will be waiting
When I rise and go to sleep.

I’ve reached the point in life
Where what I really understand
Is how vital it can be to have
Such beauty close at hand.

Monday, April 20, 2015

On My Watch

While on my watch today,
My grandson fell and split his lip.
It wasn’t quite my fault, but still,
I thought my heart would rip.

One minute he was racing
Back and forth in utter glee,
When suddenly he tripped and flopped
Three steps away from me.

I scooped him up and hugged him close;
His blood dripped on my shirt.
I knew he’d be okay
But couldn’t stand that he was hurt.

An ice pop offered by his mom
Both soothed and made him smile.
In minutes, he was up to snuff
And ready to beguile.

His lip will still be puffy
For a day, but it will heal;
Yet it will take much longer
To get over how I feel.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Chicken

“You’re not a spring chicken,”
My husband blurts out.
The truth in that statement’s
Beyond any doubt.

My running around’s
Surely taken its toll,
As Nature reminds me
I’m not in control.

For age has its limits
And mine’s reached a peak.
What I do in a day
Should spread over a week.

I try for it all
But my body’s refused.
As I conk on the couch,
There’s my husband – amused!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Somewhere in Between

The day begins and then it ends
But somewhere in between
Is where the memories are made
From breaks in the routine.

It needn’t be a far-off trip
To some exotic place;
Perhaps a quiet respite from
Life’s often frenzied pace…

Or just a sunny afternoon
Of backyard fun and frolic.
(A city playground works as well –
It needn’t be bucolic.)

A once-a-lifetime happening’s
A rare and special treat,
But simple days we’ll recollect
Make life feel more complete.

Friday, April 17, 2015

I am the Hurdle

I am the hurdle that needs to be cleared,
The stumbling block in the way.
All would be perfect if I disappeared;
A rainbow would rise every day.

I am the glitch and the knot in the chain,
The obstacle smack in the path.
Shutting me up would be everyone’s gain;
My words seem to whet people’s wrath.

I’m the impediment here to prevent
What progress there is to be made.
My purpose appears to provoke discontent,
Like a welcome that’s been overstayed.

Waking me up like a slap in the face
Is the knowledge of how I’m perceived –
As a hurdle to leap with no thought to embrace
Any truth in the thoughts I’ve believed.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


The siren sounds, the traffic stops,
Pedestrians all pause;
The country screeches to a halt,
Not ‘cause of any laws.

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.*
In Israel, they expect
A silent stoppage as a show
Of ultimate respect.

Six million people labeled Jews
All suffered ‘til they died.
Survivors tell their stories
Yet the hatred won’t subside.

Two minutes’ time is all it takes
For life to stop and yet,
We shouldn’t need reminding
Of what no one should forget.

*Yom Hashoah in Hebrew

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


We work for them and drop them
So pigeons have a feast.
Indoors, they hide in dread of
The vacuum cleaner beast.

On coffee cakes and muffins,
They're something that we prize
And often they are sprinkled
On huckleberry pies.

The detritus of dinners
Or what's left when one succumbs,
Our lives are filled with highs and lows,
With both containing crumbs.