Monday, August 21, 2017


My glasses are ready - I'm up in the air
And flying out west; the eclipse will be there.
The crowds are camped out with their cameras trained,
Relieved to see Natures's on board; it's not rained.

The seat-back TV's show the moon on the right
As it moves toward the sun, slowly taking a bite;
But the pilot's informed us that as we go forth
We won't really see much for we'll be too far north.

The ancients, at least those smack dab in its path,
Must have felt they were dealing with gods and their wrath
And for animals, such a thing's surely a fright
When the daytime's replaced by the darkness of night.

We now know the details and reasons and such
Yet still, though so little amazes us much,
It's been 99 years since we've gotten to host
This rare solar eclipse, to be viewed coast to coast.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


I don’t have time for Facebook;
It has a quicksand pull.
Without it, I can say my life
Is more than very full.

I rarely get together
With friends I have amassed
So I can’t really justify
Connecting to the past.

I must miss out on pictures
And updates of events
But there are other methods
That technology presents.

A phone call or an email
Or even just a text
Can keep me up to date
On what’s gone on or coming next.

Perhaps I’ll be persuaded
To someday change my mind.
For now, though, as archaic
I shall proudly be defined.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Just a Cold

“It’s just a cold,” the doctor said,
But every time I cough,
I worry when I’m on the plane,
They’ll want me to get off.

“It’s just a cold,” he reassured;
“You’ll have to wait it out.
I’ll give you meds but you should know
Their helpfulness I doubt.”

“It’s just a cold – you’re lucky
There’s no fever and no aches.
To heal, get lots of rest and liquids –
That’s just what it takes.”

“It’s just a cold” is what I’m told
Yet Monday I’ll be flying.
I’m following the doc’s advice;
I’m really really trying.

For traveling has lots of stress
And sickness, in addition,
Despite it being “just a cold,”
Will worsen that condition.

Friday, August 18, 2017


First they’re hired, then they’re fired –
Comey, Flynn and Spicer.
You might think replacements would
Be smarter or just nicer.

But then Scaramucci came
And thus took down that theory.
Priebus, by the time he left,
Made everybody weary.

Still, when Bannon bit the dust,
I think the world was cheering.
Rex and Jeff and Kellyanne –
Your time may now be nearing.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Beauty and the Feast

I watched a yellow butterfly
As it was slowly flitting
Among the garden's flowers
All the while that I was sitting.

It carefully proceeded
From the purples to the reds
While the blossoms, acquiescing,
Seemed to sigh and bow their heads.

Mother Nature is so thoughtful
Giving more than is her duty,
Filling flora with such nourishment
As well as all that beauty.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


A fly flies in;
You want him out.
That's what a swatter's 
All about.

You hope he lands
Where you can reach.
(Some spots have rules
You should not breach.)

Like on a vase
Or someone's head.
You need a wall
Or door instead.

And then you aim
With what you've got.
If luck is yours,
You've made the shot.

The fly falls down
Upon the floor
And then your swatter
Waits for more.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Lots of people watch their carbs.
I guess I watch them, too,
As they proceed from plate to fork
And in my mouth to chew.

I don't care much for protein
And most healthy foods I'll skip
Except for certain veggies
Seared in oil or used to dip.

But give me bread or pasta,
Pizza, muffins, beer and fries
And I'll indulge and luckily,
I won't go up a size.

So here's to carbohydrates!
If the cavemen had their choice,
They'd be following my diet
And would certainly rejoice!