Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On the Promenade

Tour boat, ferry, sailboat, skiff
Bounce along the briny;
Sunshine sparkles on the waves,
Reflections bright and shiny.

Blimp and copter in the sky
Meeting no resistance;
Bridge, majestic, guarding all –
A pillar in the distance.

Police boat passes, pulsing blue
And beeps at people waving;
Children, on a trip from school,
Reluctantly behaving.

Downtown on the promenade,
The river slowly flowing;
I soak up my surroundings,
Glad for time before my going.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Road of Life

The road of life has potholes, cracks,
Misleading signs and ruts.
We must accept the things it lacks –
No ifs, no ands, no buts.

The ride is rarely smooth and yet
Our journey moves ahead
With detours making us forget
The route we’d planned instead.

We travel ‘til our exit looms,
A fate we can’t avoid
Despite the fact that one assumes
There’s much we have enjoyed.

Repair crews never fix this road
So everyone must hit
The bumps that make our lives implode
At least a little bit.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Visiting Sunnyside

Ichabod Crane sprang from the brain
Of someone most deserving
Of Sunnyside, his proud domain.
His name? Washington Irving.

He also wrote a tale of note
About one Rip Van Winkle
Who found a sleeping antidote
To shoo away each wrinkle.

His home, intact, you can, in fact,
Both tour and pay a visit.
The costumed guide will not distract
From landscape most exquisite.

With river view, we wandered through
The rooms that Irving favored
And sampled life the way he knew
When simple joys were savored.

A worthwhile trip and here’s a tip –
Before you go farewelling,
The gift shop’s one you shouldn’t skip –
Cool souvenirs they’re selling!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

At the Concert

The concert hall was fully packed,
A sizzle in the air.
I’d waited oh, so many years
To finally make it there.

At last they dimmed the chandeliers
And, strutting out on stage,
Guitar in hand, was he whose voice
Has not succumbed to age.

He started strumming and the crowd
Went crazy with delight,
Enthusiasm climbing
To the most audacious height.

My son and wife were there with me
To make up for the fact
They’d never seen him either;
(Opportunities they’d lacked).

My grandson clapped excitedly
To songs he mostly knew.
Like most of Raffi’s audience,
He’s 8 months more than 2!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Young and Old

My aunt, who’s nearly 88
And grandson, not yet 3,
Enjoyed a lovely afternoon
With age an absentee.

She watched him playing basketball
And cheered his every shot,
Then helped him catch the balls she tossed,
Which he enjoyed a lot.

His sister, at a crawling state,
Indulged in all the fun,
Despite the fact her walking days
Have not, as yet, begun.

Observing from the sidelines
I was happy in my heart
Seeing such a sweet connection
Though they’re years and years apart.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Who We Are

Who we are begins at birth,
Our DNA a start,
But every soul upon the earth
From others stands apart.

Our personalities are there
From when we take a breath,
Remaining with us everywhere
'Til we succumb to death.

The quiet, shy, rambunctious, rude,
The introvert, the prankster,
The one who has an attitude,
The serious, the gangster...

Show early glimpses to the world
Of who they are inside
And as the years become unfurled,
Such truths they cannot hide.

Though nurture has its own effect,
Experience as well,
Not coddling or, worse, neglect,
Can break that magic spell.

Genetics and the dash of luck,
Or lack of it, we've got
Create the traits with which we're stuck,
Both liking them or not.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Driving in Manhattan

On the highway, traffic crawls
With stops and starts and braking.
Seems that progress isn’t something
That the traffic’s making.

On my right, the river gleams
With tour boats smoothly gliding,
The passengers much more relaxed
Than we on asphalt riding.

Manhattan is an island, but
It rarely can deliver
On any street a trip as fast
As those upon the river.