Sunday, May 28, 2017

Going to a Wedding

Going to a wedding -
We will watch them tie the knot.
It’s nice to know that younger folk
Still give this thing a shot.

I’ll get myself all gussied up
(That word is proof I’m old),
Although I’m not the dress-up type
Most times, if truth be told.

The ceremony’s out of doors,
A garden the location
And then we’ll head inside to dine
And dance in celebration.

Originally weathermen
Predicted it would rain.
The sun decided otherwise,
The worries all in vain.

I’m sure it will be lovely
But the main thing that I think
Is, with all the preparation,
It’s all over in a blink.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pre-Holiday Roads

Friday night, the end of May,
Before the Monday holiday,
Was once a nightmare if one dared
To drive; you had to be prepared

For hours and hours of stop and go.
Your trip would be both long and slow,
But some years back there was a change,
A difference that I still find strange.

Vacationers en masse decided
By the rules, they'd not be guided,
So they hooky-played and split
On Thursday, caring not a whit

About their job or boss or class;
Just one day off - they'd get a pass.
And so, for me, my Friday trip
Was quick and easy - zip, zip, zip!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Futon Farewell

Farewell to our futon.
Oh, my gratitude runs deep 
For all the years you've given us
Or guests the gift of sleep.

Yes, you were tough to open
And a bigger pain to close.
You also scratched our wall up,
But that's just the way it goes.

You have surely served your purpose 
Though by now you're past your prime
Which is why it's adios, man;
For all things there comes a time.

Soon there'll be a brand-new sofa
In that newly vacant space 
But you'll be in futon heaven,
Which should be a saving grace.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Had tickets for the Yankee game
But it has been postponed.
Relentless rain was forecast
Where the stadium is zoned.

The make-up date they gave us
Is the third week in September,
So we will have another shot –
If only we remember!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


My husband bought a little treat,
A favorite thing I love to eat.
We rarely see this anywhere
So take advantage when it’s there.

I never ate this in my youth
For what’s inside, to tell the truth,
Is something that did not compute –
It seemed more veggie than a fruit.

I’m talkin’ rhubarb, as in pie,
With strawberries to satisfy
My taste buds, waiting to explode;
Of course, this will be a la mode.

If you have never sampled this,
You’ve missing out on certain bliss
But if my tastes you do refute,
We’ll have a rhubarb (a dispute)!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Evil Losers

A terrorist’s a criminal and also a fanatic
Who gets his kicks by killing and creating quite a panic.
His hatred makes him dangerous but fear’s his only goal
And crowded places let him play a tragic leading role.

Our president, in his attempts to be a tough accuser,
Must think he sounds impressive with the label “evil loser”
But loser is an epithet from junior high school days
And such a term deserves derision, though he’d longed for praise.

The world will turn to leaders in a horrible event
In hopes that their response will calm things down and thus prevent
More dread and malice from their ranks, with words that will inspire,
Yet “loser” is the best to which our ruler can aspire.

Monday, May 22, 2017

At the Ball Game

Went to a ball game; sat in the stands
With my husband, my kids and of course, with the grands.
The weather did dazzle, there was a soft breeze;
Delightful to have weekend outings like these.

The pitchers, the catchers, the swing of the bat,
The sun beating down on the brim of my hat.
My grandson beside me, absorbing the scene;
His sister enjoying the change of routine.

The popcorn, the pretzels, the sodas, the fries;
The choo-choo train ride as an added surprise.
The day was a joy, for the national sport
Was a hit for us all, I am glad to report.