Thursday, May 24, 2018


Use your map or use your app
In a foreign city.
Still confused? Some bemused
Insiders may take pity.

Find your way, once you pay,
To bus stop or train station.
Hop on board; hope it's toward
Your chosen destination.

If you're right, pure delight!
Your stress starts to unravel.
What you learn will, in return,
Add lightness to your travel.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

On the Side Streets

Staying in a neighborhood 
Where locals live and shop
Gives a taste of life beyond
Where all the tourist buses stop.

Discovering a small cafe
And breakfasting outside 
Opens up a little window
To a place where folks reside.

Of course, the highlights beckon -
The museums and the parks,
The monuments and buildings
From which history still harks.

But there's something very special
When you start and end each day,
On your travels, like a native,
In an unassuming way.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


My vacation prep consists
Of checking items off my lists.
Toiletries and extra socks?
One more pair of shoes, sans box.

Make-up? Check! A book to read?
More clothing than I really need.
An umbrella? Meds and snacks?
Passport? Chargers? (Can’t relax!)

Bills paid up and cards all sent?
Nothing left to thus lament.
Pencil and my writing pad?
The checking off is ironclad.

As the time to leave draws near,
One by one they disappear.
When I’m headed out the door,
My lists aren't needed anymore.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Bouquet

The bride created her bouquet
With seeming just-picked flowers,
The pretty kind that benefitted
From a day of showers.

Her perfect simple long white gown
Fulfilled part of its mission –
To highlight those sweet blossoms
In accordance with tradition.

But this bouquet was different
Since a secret it concealed,
A tribute to her dad to whom
The thought would have appealed.

For wrapped around the clutch of stems,
Right where her hands would touch,
Was a necktie of her father’s
Whom she surely missed so much.

She didn’t advertise the fact,
A private gesture; still,
Just as touching as I’ve ever seen
And think I ever will.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Two Weddings

One was sunny; one had rain.
One had beer and one champagne.
One had singing by a choir;
One had Dylan to inspire.

One had tender, choked-up vows;
The other, guests more used to bows.
One, a Windsor staid event;
The other had a porch and tent.

Both had salmon, garden peas,
Asparagus and meat and cheese.
For dessert, ‘twas no surprise
That one had tartlets, one had pies.

Both had music going on;
Only one had Elton John
But the other, I attest,
Played dancing songs that were the best.

Though the weddings can’t compare,
Love at both was in the air.
Gazing in each other’s eyes
Were sparks we all could recognize.

Two new couples said “I do”
And one of them was you-know-who.
The other people I do treasure
And their wedding was a pleasure.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


It hurts to be excluded
Even if you're feeling mixed
'Bout the venue that's reputed
To be one some people nixed.

For at least if you're included
You know someone seems to care
And it's not like you've intruded;
You're encouraged to be there.

Often motives are occluded
So conclusions may be reached,
But you're likely not deluded 
When a courtesy is breached.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Greek Dinner

Had some time to kill while in
A town we don't know well.
Found a place to eat - looked good,
As far as we could tell.

The booths were cozy, seats were filled
And portions (took a peek)
Looked generous and yummy;
The proprietor was Greek.

The salad was delicious
And the grape leaves were the best.
The soft warm bread most surely
Put will power to the test.

The spinach pie and baklava
Did help round out the meal,
A random unexpected find
And also, a great deal!