Monday, January 23, 2017

Steelers Fans

I'm sorry for the Steelers fans
(My sister and her spouse)
For disappointment must now rule
Their beings and their house.

The Packers fans are sad as well,
So close but no cigar,
A pity to be unsuccessful
Having come so far.

I really couldn't care which teams
Are Super Bowl contending,
But I'm delighted that the
Football season will be ending!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Watching Football

We're watching football, while the wind
Is kicking up outside.
A storm has been predicted,
Says the weather channel guide.

The sun's still shining so we sit,
Enjoying chips and beer,
Ignoring all the signs that
A tornado may come near.

Although I'm not a football fan,
We'll watch despite the weather,
'Cause it's a rare occurrence
When my family gets together.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Baby on a Plane

Wasn't I the lucky one
To find that I was seated
Next to mom and 6 month baby,
So to this I thus was treated:

Lots of crying, lots of kvetching,
Lots of wiggling around,
All while trapped inside an airplane
Miles and miles above the ground.

With no books or toys or teddys
To amuse or hold attention,
Mom tapped fingers on the window;
Oh, and I forgot to mention...

That she changed the baby's diaper
On the fold-down eating tray.
But at last, the mini-screen
And cartoon channel saved the day.

Though the mom sure had her hands full,
For 2 hours plus, oh, gee,
Still I hope when I return they won't
Be sitting next to me!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day

I couldn't watch; I plugged my ears.
(My husband turned it on.)
A sadness filled me up; I fear
My way of life is gone.

The new administration
Will not welcome folk like me
And in the next 4 years we can't
Predict how things will be.

I haven't felt this out of touch
Since protesting the war
(Viet Nam, while in college);
I was angry to the core.

But now that rage is tempered
By despondency and fear
For I never ever thought
That such a thing could happen here.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


From the time a child is born, you are
Besieged with such a flurry
Of sensations that you never knew,
The main one being worry.

Of course, there’s love and yes, it feels
As deep as any ocean,
But worry reigns as king and trumps
That sweetest of emotion.

There’s nothing to prepare you
But each parent comprehends
That, surprisingly, this worry
For an offspring never ends.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

On His Lap

The child sat on his lap
(It was her father, I assumed)
Until the light turned green and then
Across the street they zoomed.

She giggled as he mussed her hair;
His smile was wide and bright
And anyone could see there was
A mutual delight.

But as they passed I noticed
Something one not often sees –
The wheelchair gave a glimpse there were
No legs below his knees.

A tender scene for me, but what
That poignancy reveals
Is a heart defines a daddy,
Whether on his legs or wheels.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Screen

A child of maybe 2 was strapped
Into a stroller seat,
Too young to read or understand
An email, text or tweet.

Yet clutched in both her chubby hands
A cell phone had her eye,
Her focus so intent its purpose
No one could deny.

Her mom or sitter thought, of course,
She’s occupied and rapt,
A state not often found except
For maybe when she napped.

Yet she missed out on all the sights
They passed upon their walk
And cartoon images replaced
The humanness of talk.

Technology deserves its place
In life, but it’s too bad
When the screen is a companion
Which, to me, is very sad.