Friday, February 24, 2017

Imitation Spring

I saw a cherry tree in bloom;
It must be quite confused.
This imitation spring fools some
But others have refused.

So short-sleeved shirts have made the scene
While certain coats stay zipped,
Though temps have broken records
And at night they haven't dipped.

With March on the horizon
Guess it's not an awful thing
To give in and shuck the jackets
And pretend it's really spring.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Picture This

I set out with only one aim –
To purchase a new picture frame.
     I knew the right size
     But to my surprise
Not one seemed to call out my name.

I finally chose one and paid,
Hoping when I got home, I’d be swayed
     But that didn’t work out
     (Should have trusted my doubt!)
So my picture is still not displayed.

Now I have to get back to the store
Which, to me, is a not-so-fun chore
     But I’ll try for take two
     Hoping out of the blue
I’ll find something not noticed before.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I'm writing this by lantern-light.
(My building has no power.)
Con Edison*'s the culprit
And we're on the 16th hour.

No TV, no computer
And I cannot charge my phone.
Ten stories in my building
So I'm not in this alone.

They served breakfast in the lobby
And at first, it felt like fun;
But our lights should be back on by now,
My patience gone and done.

I made a beer run to the store
To buy some nice and cold.
It helped a little but this lack
Of power's getting old!

*New York City's power company

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Conversing Solo

The way to spot a wacko
Once was really very clear.
He’d be in a conversation
When nobody else was near.

But today, you can’t rely on
Simply how some folks appear.
If a person is conversing solo,
Peek inside his ear.

More than likely, he is chatting
On a cell phone he can hear,
Getting signals that are beaming
From within the atmosphere.

This is helpful to the crazies
For they do not have to fear
They’ll attract undue attention
In this brave new tech frontier.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Presidents' Day

Schools are closed, there is no mail
And stores hold special sales.
To honor our first president,
That’s what this day entails.

Though technically, our 16th prez
Is celebrated, too.
To make a Monday holiday,
That’s what they chose to do.

The 40-something other men
Who served the USA
As presidents were not awarded
Their own special day.

So sorry Adams, Jefferson,
James Madison, Monroe,
John Quincy Adams, Jackson
And Van Buren – all are no.

Poor Harrison and Tyler,
Polk and Taylor, Pierce and Grant,
Fillmore, Johnson and Buchanan,
Hayes and Garfield – no, you can’t.

Arthur, Cleveland and McKinley,
Harrison and Teddy R.,
Taft and Wilson, Harding, Coolidge,
Hoover, also FDR…

Truman, Eisenhower, JFK,
LBJ and Nixon, Ford,
Carter, Reagan, both the Bushes
And Bill Clinton – not on board.

Last, no day off for Obama.
As to he who’s right now serving,
I can’t think of anyone who might
Be any less deserving.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Fine-Tuned Machine

Calling all tuners!
It’s time to convene
To evaluate Trump and
His “fine-tuned machine.”

That’s the claim that he’s making
But most seem to feel
His machine might be missing
A cog or a wheel…

Or a lot more than that.
It just makes the blood boil
And to fix things, dear tuners,
You’ll need more than oil.

So get started right now
And if we are in luck,
This machine can be salvaged
Before we’re all…..stuck!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Waving Cat

You see them perched in windows
Of so many types of stores
But really, they don’t blend at all
In anyone’s decors.

They range in size from tiny
To those taking lots of space,
All with the same expression – blank!
Imprinted on each face.

One waving paw moves up and down
Ad nauseam, to me,
I guess to greet the passersby
In perpetuity.

It blows my mind how such a fad
Gains traction and persists.
My hat goes off to every shop
With keeper who resists.