Monday, March 19, 2018

The Start of Spring

Tomorrow marks the start of spring.
The weatherman said it would bring
Some rain and wind and maybe snow –
That’s not the way that it should go!

It’s time to ditch the winter coats,
For hearing “spring” to us denotes
Not boots and scarves and barren trees
But budding blooms and gentle breeze.

At least, to most, the longer days
Provide more time to soak up rays
And thus prepare for springtime sun
When Nature’s little prank is done.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


A belt keeps pants from falling down
Or gives the loops employment.
A song that’s belted out may give
The audience enjoyment.

A belt of Scotch may calm the nerves
But there is no denyin’
The brightest belt is in the sky
On he who hunts, Orion.

One belt can lay a boxer flat
And factory surveyors
Keep track of goods that travel
On the belts we call conveyors.

What prompted this was Henry,*
Such a proud, excited fellow
Who just passed his test in Tae Kwon Do
And earned his belt of yellow!

*my 4 ½ year old grandson

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Green

Emerald seems the primo choice 
With kelly right behind.
Hunter, mint or jade might also
Be the shades you'll find.

Army, jungle and chartreuse 
Would certainly suffice.
Forest, olive, lime and spring 
Would also look quite nice.

Leaf and teal and sea and moss
And all the hues between
Will tell the world you're taking part
In wearin' o' the green.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Curiosity Today

My grandson, a curious boy,
Who brings me a great deal of joy,
Asks questions galore
And then he asks more
But somehow they do not annoy.

The reason is I can find out
The answers, with nary a doubt,
For Google's right there
And happy to share.
Today, that's what life is about.

A video shows us how-to
And both of us learn something new,
A far cry from when
My own questions, back then,
Bit off more than my mother could chew.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


A furor surely was ignited
When somebody from United
Made a bad decision
With a most unpleasant end.

A carrier with dog inside
(The flight attendant notified)
Was placed with luggage which
The family couldn’t comprehend.

The overhead compartment where
Kokito languished had no air
And so he barked, expecting
That he soon would be unpenned.

The owners begged, to no avail.
Kokito’s cries did not prevail
And soon the family learned they’d lost
Their sweet and loyal friend.

United gets a new black eye
And not a soul should wonder why
Of all the airlines, this is one
I would not recommend.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Helicopter Crash

The passengers were strapped in tight,
Excited for their twilight flight.
To get a close-up city view,
The doors were open as they flew.

One selfie shows a beaming guy
With thumbs-up as they hit the sky,
Expecting to see New York’s sights,
So magical with all those lights.

But once the Brooklyn Bridge was passed
I’m sure all riders were aghast
To hear the pilot’s May Day call;
The copter had begun to fall.

Into the river it did crash
(There must have been a mighty splash)
And in a flash turned upside-down
In frigid water; all did drown.

Their safety harnesses had knives
To cut the straps (for saving lives)
But underwater, in the cold,
No one could get a stranglehold.

A tragic ending to report
For five whose lives were severed short.
The pilot lived but I would guess
His nightmares he will not suppress.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Queen of Inertia

I’m the Queen of Inertia
So please kiss my ring,
Although it’s not technically
Royal-type bling.

Or else you might curtsey
To show me respect
For no one’s surpassed me,
The last time I checked.

The art on my walls hasn’t
Changed now for years;
The furniture’s old,
Which is how it appears.

My wardrobe’s the same
(With a few slight additions).
I’m not too complacent
With change or transitions.

My hairstyle’s been with me
For quite a long time
And lots of my poems
Share a similar rhyme.

Don’t try to usurp
My familiar routine.
When it comes to inertia,
Man, I am the Queen!