Friday, May 6, 2016


My jacket has a little stain
So should I wear it? I'll refrain
Except on days I babysit;
My grandkids will not mind one bit.

In fact, I really do suspect
(But can't be sure - I never checked)
That where this blotch first took its bow
Was in the place I'll wear it now.

A garment's lifespan must depend
On how it's treated 'til the end,
So what one wears with babes along
Will never really last too long.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Leafy Greens

Despite the fact that children
Keep increasing as to size,
If Ted Cruz had been elected
Every school’d be serving fries.

For while blasting Ms. Obama,
With her push for “leafy greens,”
Ted announced, that as first lady,
Heidi’d shake up those routines.

If obesity’s a problem
(And most experts say it is)
We should thank our lucky stars
That school lunch menus won’t be his.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Commuter Van

My cold not quite over –
With sniffles and cough –
I had a commitment
I couldn’t blow off.

The thought of the subway,
Its rush-hour crush,
Was turning my insides,
Congested, to mush.

But then I remembered,
A few blocks away,
Commuter vans idled
Each morning, each day.

And so I inquired –
How much? Was there room?
I paid and was welcomed,
Or so I assume.

In 15 short minutes
I made it downtown,
Preventing my usual
Subway ride frown.

For just 7 bucks
I could sit and relax
With no getting-stuck-underground
Panic attacks.

I don’t commute daily
But next time I must,
I’ll splurge on the van –
Let my wallet adjust!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I always bought a big bouquet
Of lilacs every Mothers’ Day.
My mother loved their sweet perfume
Which wafted over every room.

There were no flowers other days
To spruce things up with bright displays,
Just once a year to celebrate
A date for those who procreate.

Today, the lilacs’ cloying scent
Reminds me of when I’d present
A bunch for which I’d proudly paid
On my own Mothers’ Day crusade.

I did it more for me than her;
Were she alive, she might concur
For giving them, I felt more pride
Than what, to her, they could provide.

Monday, May 2, 2016


She’s been able to maneuver
And to turn herself around,
Scooting backwards on the carpet
As a way of gaining ground.

Also, rocking back and forth
While on her knees she’s seemed to nail
But our efforts to encourage
Her to crawl all seemed to fail.

‘Til today! I saw the video
And there before my eyes,
Hadley crawled to reach some playthings,
Such a wonderful surprise!

Guess the easy days are over;
There’s a world she must explore
But mobility means babySITTING
Days are nevermore!

Sunday, May 1, 2016


In basketball, there is a hoop
Through which an orange ball
When arcing, in a graceful loop,
May very likely fall.

A candidate, in quite a gaffe,
Mistakenly said “ring”
Instead of “hoop;” on his behalf,
Attention it did bring.

But notoriety is not
Considered as a plus
And lack of sporting lingo’s what
Makes him not one of us!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Written Word

If I couldn’t read, I’d be lost indeed
For each day a hefty share
Of my hours awake I spend, no mistake,
On my couch or reading chair.

I will read the news and may, too, peruse
A subscription magazine
But a novel’s where, if it’s penned with care,
All life’s worries won’t intervene.

When I leave my lair, I do not despair
For I travel with what I need.
On a bus or train, I need not refrain;
With some skimming I may proceed.

If my eyesight failed, I would be derailed
For to listen, I couldn’t condone
‘Cause my soul is stirred by the written word,
Which is something I always have known.