Friday, November 24, 2017


I gobbled some turkey and cranberry sauce,
Potatoes – both mashed and marshmallowed,
Cooked carrots and string beans, a nice cold beer –
To keep my mood stress-free and mellowed.

I’m taking a break before pie a la mode
And please do not think that I’m boasting,
But leftovers from a Thanksgiving meal
Are worth all the efforts of hosting!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hosting Thanksgiving

The planning, the cleaning, the shopping and then
The cooking and making things pretty.
The digging up toys for the grandkids for when
They (at last!) visit you in the city.

The setting the table and heating up food,
The waiting and counting each minute.
Then poof! They arrive and the day is imbued
With such joy you just sink yourself in it.

The curious checking of all you possess,
The snacking on foods you have ready.
The zen of the moment removing all stress,
So happy you’d like some confetti.

The playground, the playing, the laughing, the meal,
The chatting with guests over dinner,
The way that this holiday always should feel –
Whether pro as a host or beginner.

The pies and the cookies, the candies and cake,
The hugs and the kisses goodbye-ing.
The hours of clean-up, but make no mistake –
For the host job next year I’m applying!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My Uncle Irv

My uncle was a vegan
Back before that was a word.
As kids, we always found
His eating habits quite absurd.

His veggies he refused to cut
So there upon his plate
Were carrots, leaves and peppers –
We could really not relate.

Especially because that meal
Was on Thanksgiving Day.
We stuffed our faces, laughing at
His colorful display.

If he were still alive today
He wouldn’t seem so odd,
Though I’m sure the turkeys way back then
Considered him a god.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My Home

I had a visitor today
Who’d not been here before
And this is what she said
The moment she walked through the door:

“Your home is just the way that I
Expected it to be.
It really looks like you.” Of course,
The “you” she meant is me.

I took that as a compliment
For how we dress our nest
Is to guarantee we’re happy,
Not so others are impressed.

I’m relaxed in my apartment
And my husband would agree,
Though I’m glad when others notice
A reflection there of me.

Monday, November 20, 2017

In the Line of Duty

I got a splinter from the
Laundry basket made of straw.
I banged into the stepstool
So my shin is red and raw.

I knocked a chair right over
And it fell onto my toe.
Another one’s still injured
So I’ve only eight to go.

These wounds are all the products
Of my sad attempt to clean
Which is obviously, not to me,
A part of my routine.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Early Morning Country Walk

An early morning country walk
Provides a quiet time to talk
Of this and that, surrounded by
The trees and houses, clouds and sky.

The leaves drift down and coat the ground,
The barren branches left, one crowned
With such a gorgeous hornets’ nest,
All creatures had to be impressed.

A leaping deer darts ‘cross the road
As cars approach, in panic mode,
Then disappears while by and by
A flock of turkeys catch my eye.

We head on home and as we chat,
Of some of this and some of that,
We’re grateful for the sweet embrace
Of Nature in this peaceful place.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Grapes of Wrath

The grapes were green and really huge
And surely had appeal
(Forgive the unintended pun)
But they were not a steal.

For when the cashier placed them,
In their bag, upon the scale,
The customer in front of me,
Who heard the price, turned pale.

"Ten dollars for a bunch of grapes?"
Her face reflected panic.
The cashier calmed her down -
"I'll take them off - but they're organic."

I know "organic" makes folks think
Such food is that much better,
But it's not worth it if it makes
The purchaser a debtor.