Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hack Attack

"I had to travel suddenly.
I'm Indonesia-bound.
My cousin needs a kidney
And that's just where one was found.

I left the States so suddenly
I didn't bring much cash,
So can you send some money soon?
I know this may sound brash...

But all I need's 2,000 bucks - 
Okay, 800 more.
It isn't really very much
Because of what it's for."

This message went to everyone
My email's every reached.
I guess you've figured out by now
That my account was breached.

I've heard from friends from years ago
To check to see, in fact,
If this were true or merely
The result of being hacked.

I'm grateful, yes, for their concern
But hope, with fingers crossed,
That no one fell for this and thus,
No money has been lost.

The folks who know me best, of course,
Knew right off it was fake
For it was written with a huge
Grammatical mistake!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


A day you hadn’t planned on
When you get to stay at home
Is the perfect time for TCB
(Or jotting down a poem).

Go through closets, pay some bills,
Read a magazine;
Cook or bake or take the time
To actually clean.

Write an email, make a call,
Catch up on some shows;
Dive into the novel that
Your book club did propose.

Having time for TCB’s
A rare and special treat.
Take advantage but beware –
Between the chores, you eat!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The storm was called historic
Before it even hit,
The weathermen euphoric,
As reports they did submit.

They closed the subways and the schools;
Prevented cars from driving.
The pols used all their lofty tools
For snow not yet arriving.

The Broadway theaters shut their doors;
Museums followed suit.
The gyms were shuttered and the stores,
Decisions resolute.

And after all was said and done,
The blizzard never came.
Though all were wrong, there wasn’t one
Who’d shoulder any blame.

Defensively the bigwigs boast,
“We made the right decision;”
But I am one of quite a host
Who view them with derision.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tip of the Iceberg

I made a small declutter vow
To get myself unstuck
That every day I’ll toss one thing
And so far, I’m in luck.

My travel guides from years ago
To places I have been
Were easy things for me to trash,
A good place to begin.

Some macramé for hanging plants,
A box of potpourri
And dinnerware with chips or cracks
Were thrown away by me.

Of course, I’m near the very tip
(The iceberg’s down below),
But every day I’ll chip away
And find one thing to throw.

For sentimental fools like me
This takes a lot of thought.
Too bad the empty space will fill
With new stuff I have bought!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blizzard Warning

The sky looks clear and though the temps
Are not exactly warm,
The weatherman's predicting
There will be a major storm.

The blizzard warning's on the horn,
The airlines pulling flights;
Anxiety starts ratcheting
To Xanax-taking heights.

At times I wish for days gone by
When storms were a surprise.
We didn't have alerts
So then we couldn't agonize.

Of course we're better off today
So we can be prepared,
But being clueless, so much stress
Would happily be spared.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

First Sled

When snowflakes fall, the sleds come out
As children run and jump and shout

With boots and scarves and runny noses
(Also mittens, one supposes)

Frolicking in fresh white snow,
Their rosy cheeks and smiles a’glow.

Can anything make winter’s case
Like joy on any toddler’s face

As, in his new boots, he’s astride
His shiny sled for that first ride?

It’s messy, yes, and cold and wet
But no one watching, I would bet,

Would trade that winter glee he’s got
To live where weather’s always hot.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Betty and Veronica

Central Park has grizzly bears
(Don’t worry – in the zoo)
Residing in the habitat
The polar bear once knew.

While visiting the park today
I saw them in their lair;
With one asleep and one stretched out,
They didn’t seem to care.

Their given names, to comic buffs,
Will bring a little smile,
As Betty and Veronica
Explore their domicile.

It’s nice to know the animals
By name, but there’s one hitch –
We’d need an Archie bear as well
To tell us which is which.