Friday, October 9, 2015


My bedtime varies; what does not’s
The nightly bed routine –
Wash face, brush teeth and TCB –
You must know what I mean.

I slap some anti-wrinkle cream
Upon my skin, although
Of course it doesn’t work;
(My trusty mirror tells me so.)

My nightgown is already on
So all that’s left to do
Is hit the sack and close my eyes
With dreamland to pursue.

Though many read or bathe before
They trundle off to bed,
I’m often so exhausted
That I’m hanging by a thread.

So bedtime is a welcome thing
But please make no mistake
For somehow, three hours later,
I’m annoyingly awake.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Simple Days

I miss the simple days of yore
When all the rules were known,
The type of life we had before
It shrank into a phone.

When patience was required
For the effort that it took
To get answers we desired
From the right library book.

When our choices weren’t many
On the AM or TV
And a candy for a penny
Was quite good enough for me.

No technology to stump me
And convince me I’m a fool,
Just the smarts I had to pump me
That I learned at home and school.

From a different generation
I’ve been thrust out from the past.
Since I stink at adaptation,
I’ve been totally surpassed.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

National Kale Day

Today we celebrate the king
(Of vegetables, that is).
To see how smart you are, just try
To pass this little quiz.

How many calories does kale
Contain in just one cup?
The answer’s 33, so go on –
Gobble some right up.

Percentage that one cup provides
Of vitamins you need?
For C and A and K, more than
100*, guaranteed.

It lowers both cholesterol
And certain cancer risks.
It’s versatile, so add it
To your salads or your bisques.

I’m really not a health nut
But today I have to hail
What we all missed in our childhood days –
The miracle of kale!

*C=134%, K=684%, A=204%

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Different Neighborhood

Walk a different neighborhood
From where you do reside
And you’ll feel the deviation,
Like a widening divide.

For the stores are unfamiliar
As are all the passersby.
You’re a stranger in your city
Which your age does magnify.

For the downtown crowd is hipper
And they’re brandishing their youth,
Making everyone invisible
Who’s longer in the tooth.

Somehow when I’m on vacation
In a place I do not know,
There’s excitement being part of
All the dwellers’ ebb and flow.

But within my own environs,
In a neighboring frontier,
There are times it really feels like
I just seem to disappear.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ode to My Stove

I light the oven with a match
But then it heats real well.
The burners function perfectly,
As far as I can tell.

There’s storage space for pots and pans
Behind a separate door
And extra room on top for things,
A plus that I adore.

My percolator sits there with
My iron and a crock
Filled with spatulas and ladles
And assorted kitchen stock.

It’s sixty years of age, so many
Never could embrace it.
I like its continuity;
There’s no need to replace it.

Like me, it’s almost an antique.
We’ve both watched seasons pass
But hopefully, together we’ll keep
Cooking with the gas!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cozy (The Long Version)

When the air has a chill
We up north know the drill
And can remedy that in a snap;
For when chattering cold,
What’s more precious than gold
Is a blanket or quilt on your lap.

An alternative call
Is a sweater or shawl
Which can also accomplish the same.
Ditto flannel or fleece,
Though the fashion po-lice
May not care that mere warmth is your aim.

It’s exceedingly clear
When those chills disappear
You’ll feel cozy and sheltered and snug;
And it’s hard to improve
On that coziness groove –
It’s like giving your insides a hug.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Life seems rosy
When you're feeling cozy.