Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Waterfall Walk (In Carnlough)

A mile and a half on a trail in the mist
With the bleating of sheep with black faces
Was a nightcap so perfect I have to insist
That it ranks with the most magic places.

The path did meander on pebbles through trees
As the sky kept the darkness from falling
And when we reached the waterfall, how it did please
That I'd answered the travel bug's calling,

To lift yourself out of the daily routine
For a journey with joys to uncover
Is the very best cure for the doldrums I've seen
And who knows what I next will discover?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Nothing beats a walking tour
To get to know a city,
To learn about the pretty spots
As well as those quite gritty.

In Dublin, with a guide named Rex,
We zipped along the streets
And laughed a lot while learning of
Its cool historic treats.

And then to a museum,
An exhibit of Vermeer.
How fortunate it was displayed
While on our visit here.

This all was on 2 hours sleep
But still, we plodded on.
A Guinness and some fish and chips
Until our strength was gone.

In bed at 6! But rested now,
My mind anticipates
The coming day with much to see -
A new adventure waits.

Monday, June 26, 2017


Clothes stacked; bags packed.
Bills paid; beds made.
Hair dyed; booked ride.
Fridge bare; moods flare.

Nerves shred; flight dread.
Clock ticks; sweat sticks.
Months planned; at hand.
Uh-oh! Let’s go!

Quick peek – next week:
Back home syndrome.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


My sun hat faded from the rays,
My jeans from lots of cleaning.
I realize I am in the phase
Of what this all is meaning –

That when possessions lose their spark
Once bright enough to blind us,
The mirror lifts us from the dark
And helps to thus remind us

That life goes fast and some of it
May leave us slightly jaded
And like our jeans, we will not quit
But just be rather faded.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

In the Course of a Day

In the course of a day, I am Nana and Mom;
I am Words with Friends player and wife.
I am visitor, shopper and cherished old friend,
All the threads that connect in my life.

In the course of a day, I am sister and niece;
I am crossword completer as well.
I am New York Times reader and drinker of beer;
I am rhymer (at which I excel).

In the course of a day, I am neighbor and, too,
I am stranger to most I pass by.
It’s a challenge combining my various selves,
In the course of a day, but I try.

Friday, June 23, 2017

On Siblings

I watch as they negotiate
What each of them can claim,
Announcing something's "Mine!" appears
To be the only aim.

Whatever one is playing with
The other wants as well,
Despite the fact it's not a favorite,
Far as I can tell.

Yet in the market, a surprise - 
The older made his picks
Including items for his sis - 
No envy in the mix.

Just watching out for her, he was
The most attentive brother
For that's what siblings are - 
Both friends and rivals to each other.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

City Sighting

Saw a pigeon pecking pizza
On a local urban street.
I assume that it was cold, but still,
A tasty bite to eat.

What a mingling of icons
Of the New York City scene –
Most ubiquitous of flyers
And most common of cuisine.

But what would have made me turn my head
And cause me to look twice
Was if there had been a rat or two
To share in that same slice!