Saturday, February 13, 2016

Michael Jackson

If you watch Michael Jackson
When he was a boy,
You will smile and delight
In his unabashed joy.

He commanded the stage,
All his brothers mere props,
For as young as he was,
He pulled out all the stops.

Check the Spike Lee biopic
And you’ll be impressed
At the talent and energy
Jackson possessed.

We all heard of his problems –
Each habit and flaw –
But when up on the stage,
He was worthy of awe.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Topsy Turvy

Tomorrow will be frigid
Or at least that's what they say,
With wind chills on the minus side - 
An indoor-staying day.

But then on Tuesday, temps will rise
To 52 degrees,
Allowing all the icy spots
To rapidly unfreeze.

I never know which jacket
Is appropriate to wear
In this topsy turvy weather,
Once considered very rare.

When unpredictable's the norm
What's surely come to pass
Is, like Alice, we have ventured forth
Beyond the looking glass.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Miss Ricky's School of Dance

I know the five positions
(In ballet – don’t get all hot!)
Plus plie and pirouette
But all the rest I plum forgot.

I didn’t have a tutu
But a leotard? Perhaps.
My memory is dimming
And I’m left with just the scraps.

Most likely, I attended
Very briefly, very young,
So a few balletic moves
The only knowledge that has clung.

Was there really a Miss Ricky?
Guess there’s no way I could know
For my ballerina days were over
Many years ago.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Favor

I hate to ask a favor
‘Cause it puts somebody out.
Of course, to help another
Is what friendship’s all about.

But being self-sufficient
Is the way I like to be,
When all that I require
Is attended to by me.

Yet circumstances sometimes
Interrupt with booming voice,
Creating situations where
I really have no choice.

So I’ll quietly inquire
Of a relative or friend
If what I need taken care of
Is a hand that they could lend.

If they acquiesce, I’m grateful
For their trust I’ve surely earned
But I’ll never be relaxed until
The favor is returned.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tip of the Tongue

What’s her name again? That actress
In that movie we just saw?
Is she English, maybe? Ooh, her name
Is stuck inside my craw.

Yes, the one we saw on Sunday.
I forgot the movie’s title.
I know it’s not so important
But right now it seems so vital.

The director also did a film
We both enjoyed a lot.
It had many famous people
But I can’t recall the plot.

I could Google it, but really
It’s up in my brain among
All the other miscellanea
That’s gathered on my tongue.

If I’m lucky and I’m patient,
Sometimes what I need will slip
To the place where I can reach it
Just an inch out from the tip.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Church at the Movies

On Sunday I went to the movies,
A space that the theater now shares
With a church that was holding a service
On the second floor, right up the stairs.

As the clerk took ahold of my ticket,
I noticed the welcoming sign;
So a person who entered had choices –
See a movie or seek the divine.

There were mouthwash and mints in the bathroom
Which the church leaders sweetly supplied,
Though I have to admit I was baffled –
Would a gargle make virtue implied?

As I fixed on the coming attractions,
While relaxed on my faux-leather perch,
I supposed I was one of the sinners
To the worshipers up in the church.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Pony on East 88th Street

Walking up East 88th,
I had to smile in shock;
A saddled pony was parading
Up and down the block.

A little girl astride his back
Looked bored or else blasé,
Like a pony on the sidewalk
Happened every single day.

As the other children waited
Patiently to take their turn,
I reflected on the lesson
That those kids would likely learn:

When you’re living in Manhattan,
You will come to realize
That each day has the potential
To deliver a surprise.