Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Heeding the Alert

This morning when I went to walk
The streets were slick with rain,
But certain blocks were icy
So the message was quite plain:

Don’t take a chance; just turn around.
There’s no need to complain,
For it you fall, you’ll lose much more
Than with this walk you’d gain.

Obeying such an edict really
Goes against the grain
And in the past, from such advice
I surely would refrain.

But aging slows the body down
So reason has to reign.
Reluctantly, I heeded
The alert sent by my brain.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Corner Store

The corner store across the street
Was known for all its cuts of meat
But also it sold milk and bread
And other things you’d need instead.

On Friday mornings folks would flock
To sit on chairs among the stock
To hear the music on guitar
Of Uncle Junior (TV star).

The owner’s lived at my address
For more than forty years, I’d guess.
As neighbors we would nod and chat
Of Yankee games and this and that.

Today, in shock, while walking by,
An empty storefront met my eye.
I’d heard the rent went through the roof
And there before me was the proof.

Though times must change, it makes me sad
When touchstones that we’ve always had
Just disappear and are no more;
Farewell, my friendly corner store!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Coming Attractions

The theater gives you just a taste
Of what’s to be expected,
So if you don’t have time to waste
Some films may be rejected.

My husband hates them but not me
For I enjoy the peek
At movies I may never see;
I form a quick critique.

Some dialogue, the place it’s set
Is quite enough to know
If I will like it and I’ll bet
Reviews won’t make me go.

So keep ‘em coming; I’m prepared
To sit through five or six
And when they’re done, from those that aired,
I’ll know my next few flicks.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


At protests in the 60's
We were dragged away in cuffs.
The cops arrested everyone -
The peaceniks and the toughs.

As we grew up, the only cuffs
Were those found on our pants.
Designers did determine when
Those bottoms would enhance.

The senior years have now arrived
And cuffs are all the rage
As we strap them on and pump them 
So our pressure* we can gauge.

*blood pressure

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Jersey Gas

You need some gas? We'll, step right up
And pump it 'til you've had your fill 
Unless you're in New Jersey, where
You best make sure you know the drill.

For it's the last remaining state
Where pumping gas is not allowed
Except for paid attendants and
Of this New Jerseyans are proud.

So even if you're in a rush,
You must sit in your car and wait
Until a service station guy 
Can bother to accommodate.

And if you try to speed him up,
You'd better learn to zip your lip,
For then he'll wash your windshield,
Slowly, hoping to procure a tip.

When questioned why this law exists,
Which out-of-towners do detest,
A local politician said,
And I can just assume in jest:

Perhaps our Jersey diet
Full of greasy food's to blame;
Therefore, if we pump the gas ourselves,
We'll burst right into flame!

Friday, January 12, 2018

A Schmutzy Day

The weatherman's announcement: "Hey,
It's gonna be a schmutzy day!
With howling winds and rain in sheets,
It won't be fun on city streets.

This news report just wouldn't fly
In other places; this is why - 
I live in New York's melting pot
Where Yiddish words are used a lot

And "schmutzy" is a word we'd use.
(It's not restricted to the Jews.)
To all of you across the nation
Who may need this in translation -

Schmutzy days you take in stride 
If you can snuggle up inside.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sliding Scale

If you’ve been to New York, I’ll bet
You paid a visit to the Met.
It is the premier place to start
If on your plate you want some art.

Before some hours you invested,
You were charged a fee – suggested,
Meaning you could pay much less
And gain entrance with success.

Now, though, that’s about to change
Which out-of-towners might find strange,
For those who out-of-state reside
Will find their lesser fees denied.

New Yorkers who can prove they are
May still contribute under par.
Does this seem fair? Well, no or yes – 
I have the proof of MY address!