Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Country Music Hall of Fame

A country music fan is not
A title I would claim
And yet today I visited
Its well-known Hall of Fame.

For here I am in Nashville,
In the south and far from home,
But I believe in following
That adage, "When in Rome..."

Surprisingly, I much enjoyed
The various displays.
The folks that made it happen sure
Deserve a lot of praise.

Though lots of boots, guitars and hats
Belonged to I don't know,
Still, I loved this fine museum
And think everyone should go!

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Traveling can be a pain,
Particularly on a plane.
You plan, you pack, you park, you wait
Until you find the proper gate.

You clutch ID and boarding pass
Then zigzag through the lines en masse,
Removing coats and belts and shoes
And pray you're not the one they choose...

A "random" check - you're patted down
By someone surly, with a frown
That's meant to let you know she's pissed
'Cause you might be a terrorist.

You make it through and grab your stuff
And find a seat. There aren't enough
So some folks stand 'til they announce
The boarding call; all flyers pounce.

The goal's to make it so your case
Will squeeze into a vacant space
And then you sit, your legs all squished -
Not quite as stress-free as you'd wished.

And yet - some time away awaits,
Well-worth whatever aggravates.
A change of scene, some treats to find
And all the humdrum left behind.

This little break is like a gift;
Your spirits get a needed lift.
The days will pass, the time will fly
And soon again, you'll surf the sky.

Friday, December 2, 2016


I once was young
And now I'm not.
That knowledge gets
To me a lot.

My hair is thin,
My skin is lined
And if you ask,
Of course I mind!

My knee hurts when
I walk the stairs.
Complaining's useless - 
No one cares.

Forgive my mood - 
It's evident
That there are times
One needs to vent.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

To a Whistle

Your sound flew through the air,
A blaring auditory missile,
Though no one that I noticed
Seemed to cringe or even bristle.

The driver of the bus, however,
Waited just a bissel,*
Enough to let on board the man
Inspiring this epistle.

*little bit in Yiddish

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The penthouse of Donald J. Trump
Has pillows quite plump for your rump
     But it’s filled to the hilt
     With the wrong type of gilt
Which is why I’ve been stuck in a slump.

If the guilt I’d prefer were displayed
Then I wouldn’t feel quite so betrayed
     But the sparkle of gold
     Even fake, I am told,
Is sufficient, at times, to persuade.

In the White House, perhaps we’ll be graced
With some glitz in Melania’s taste
     And there’ll be no debate
     Once America’s great
All that gilt will be warmly embraced.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Rainy Day Reflections

Took my morning walk beneath
A slow but steady rain,
Protected by my new umbrella,
Carried not in vain.

Changed into relaxing clothes
At home and passed the hours
Catching up on reading, sheltered
From some piercing showers.

Packed my suitcase for a trip
And solved some crosswords, too.
A rainy day’s the perfect time
For things one needs to do.

I could accomplish just as much
If sunshine filled the sky
But in that case, to be indoors
I couldn’t justify.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Shopping

Cyber Monday’s almost gone
So everyone at Amazon
Can take a minute and a breath;
(I’m sure they must be worked to death!)

But as the holidays approach,
Some frenzied shoppers will encroach
On all the patience of the clerks;
(For out there, there are lots of jerks!)

Let’s hope that stores and online sites
Help customers procure delights
For friends and kin without much grief;
(And after New Year’s – what relief!)