Saturday, October 21, 2017

In Central Park

In Central Park the crowds were out,
New York in all its glory,
With bikers, walkers, picnickers –
The same old weekend story.

The horses clip-clopped on the road,
With carriages of tourists
While singers sang with microphones
And bands without (the purists).

But always there is something new –
Today, some art creations,
Including projects for the kids
With paint or drawing stations.

What caught my eye, though, were two birds
Which shared a single goal –
To fly into a tree trunk
And to exit through a hole.

I guess there was a hidden nest
Tucked right inside the tree,
Another sighting in the park
To bring delight to me.

Friday, October 20, 2017


I envy a cool and calm person,
Unruffled by all of life's stress,
Who takes things in stride and never will hide
From impediments to her success.

It's hard to be that type of being,
So centered and quiet and calm,
Who will watch things unfold and will never lose hold,
Owning neither a worry nor qualm.

Of course, I am far from that person 
Who rolls with the punches, serene.
I get flummoxed so fast that you might be aghast
By my feathers, too ruffled to preen.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Under the Bus

The agents uncovered a scheme
When things not quite normal did seem
For when baggage came out 
There could be not a doubt
That a suitcase moved - was it a dream?

So they opened the bag and surprise!
What they found there in front of their eyes
Were computers and jewels 
Stolen using no tools
By the man in the case, they surmise.

For two crooks conjured up a good plan.
In a suitcase, well-hidden, one man
Would unzip as the bus
Moved along; with no fuss,
From the baggage some goodies he'd pan.

Though it's fitting the robbers got caught,
For bad deeds should be punished, we're taught,
I admire their guff
Though it wasn't enough 
To allow them the riches they'd sought.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Little Slice of Eden

Sailboats on the river,
Choppers in the sky,
Flowers blazing color -
How fortunate am I!

Butterflies a'flutter,
Painters en plein air,
School kids freed from classrooms
Being silly as they'd dare.

Tourists snap some photos,
Pigeons peck for crumbs,
Sunshine coats the atmosphere;
Anxiety succumbs.

A little slice of Eden
On a Wednesday afternoon
And whenever I must mosey
Will be much much much too soon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Museum Gift Shop

A museum worth its salt
Has a gift shop that is cool.
If it doesn’t, I’d find fault
And be let down, as a rule.

For when I’ve seen all the art
Or the science that’s displayed,
I will often do my part
‘Til a purchase has been made.

Be it jewelry or a print
Or a postcard or a tee,
In the shop I will not stint
On a gift or treat for me.

That’s providing, like I said,
That there’s special funky stuff.
If there isn’t, well, instead,
I will stomp out in a huff.

But today, I had some luck –
Bought some earrings and a plate,
For I’ll gladly spend a buck
When some quirky things await.

Monday, October 16, 2017


There’s something that I meant to do
And I just plumb forgot.
I wish this were a rarity
But sadly, it is not.

My brain can’t cling to any thought
Unless I stop to write it
And so I jot down notes because
It doesn’t pay to fight it.

But yesterday my memo failed
‘Cause I forgot to read it.
I’d stuck it in my bag despite
The fact that I would need it.

I came across it later on,
Too late for my intention.
It wasn’t that important but
Still worthy of a mention.

For likely, this will reoccur
More often, I would bet
Since getting older means
There’ll be much more I will forget.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Girl Boy Scouts

Calling all Girl Scouts!
It’s time to make noise,
‘Cause if you so choose
You can hang with the Boys!

Perhaps someone thought
That you envied their clan
And would be better off
With a role model man.

But it somehow seems wrong
If the name stays the same,
For the Boy Scouts implies
There’s no room for a dame.

Either keep them apart
Or just call them all Scouts,
Then whoever wants in
Will not have any doubts.