Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Debate

They smiled, shook hands and took their spots,
Preparing for a fight
And each made verbal jabs which filled
Supporters with delight.

They ducked and feinted, spewing words
To bring the other down,
Believing that by doing so,
They’d earn themselves the crown.

The moderator did his best
To keep them both on track
But it was hard because restraint
At least one side did lack.

The answer to “Who won?” depends
On whom you would promote.
We’ll learn the truth in several weeks
When we get out to vote.

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Greek Lunch

Spinach pie and feta cheese
And grape leaves stuffed with rice
Formed the basis for a lunch
That really was so nice.

Eggplant dip, tzatziki sauce
And salad, smartly dressed
And served with olives; who could ever
Sit there unimpressed?

Sliced up chicken, pita bread
Plus other dips and cheese
Made a meal which all could see
Was meant to sate and please.

Of course, there also was dessert
And snacky treats before,
The kind of food that fills you up
But still, you eat some more.

So thank you, Pam, my hostess friend,
For starting off my week
With a lovely luncheon, filled with dishes
Tasty, fresh and Greek!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Nature Center

Wooded paths with fallen trees
And sunlight dappling through
Provided us with such a lovely
Sunday thing to do.

Deer were munching leaves and barely
Noticed us pass by,
While squirrels scampered from the ground
To branches way up high.

As Henry jumped from stump to stump
(The playground kept the theme),
I made his sister giggle
(Which is every Nana’s dream).

Although I am a city gal,
The forest has its charms,
The better to appreciate
With grandkids in one’s arms.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hummingbird Farewell

The feeder's full; the hummingbirds
Have likely flown away
To find a better climate
For their wintering foray.

I've read that they fly solo,
Not like others, in a swarm,
To Mexico or Panama
In search of someplace warm.

I wonder how they fare in flight,
Their frenzied wings a'blur
And what they do if storms or winds
Or hurricanes occur.

I'll take my feeder down and dump
The sugar water out 
And hope next summer once again
I'll see them flit about.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Halloween Decorations

The wooden skull and pumpkins
Dangle neatly by the door.
The ghost and owl made of felt
Add much to the decor.

The cat and witch are wishing all
A Happy Halloween
And soon a jack-o-lantern will
Give credence to the scene.

The skeleton quite jauntily
Holds court while on his perch.
The scary part was finding them
From last year - what a search!

Thursday, September 22, 2016


We buy insurance just in case
An awful thing occurs,
To stop our brains before, within,
An awful image stirs.

There’s auto, fire, travel, health
And worst of all, there’s life,
Supposedly to ease your mind,
Removing any strife.

Of course we need it; all the same,
To me, it conjures dread
And makes me think of all the ways
I might just wind up dead.

At least there’ll be some money, though,
For those who do survive
Because I bought insurance
In the time I was alive.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Regime

My husband’s worked for many years
For not a cent – he volunteers
At what we think is “his museum;”
Tuesdays were when you could see ‘im.

He enjoyed his job as “greeter;”
Meeting people made life sweeter
And he took tremendous pride
In helping those who stepped inside.

For history’s his favorite thing
And so this job was not a fling.
The only time he missed a day
Was when we sometimes went away.

Was he rewarded for his work?
A party? Plaque? Some other perk?
No, sadly, how they’d recompense
Explains my lack of present tense.

A new regime has taken reign.
The “greeter” job they didn’t deign
To stick with; now instead, there’ll be
“Explainers” in each gallery.

But these positions – don’t ask why –
Were open if you did apply
And passed an interview, despite
Your years of service. That’s not right!

You know, of course, how this did go.
My husband got his answer – “No!
No room for you – that means you’re out!”
Could age be what this is about?

We’ll never know and yet, methinks,
This situation really stinks!
I still can’t get my head to wrap
‘Round what, to me, was like a slap.