Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sharing a Swing

We're at a hotel and here is the thing -
Henry and Nana discover a swing.
It's more like a bench but suspended on chains;
The stress disappears and just calm remains.

We sit and we rock and I sing every song
And Henry just listens or hums along.
Whoever walks by tries to get a "Hi!"
But tucking his head, Henry's stranger-shy.

The world could explode and I wouldn't move.
It's Henry and me - nothing more to prove,
For love and contentment have taken hold;
It's my one compensation for getting old.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Soccer Players

With Henry in my arms, we watched
The soccer players kick.
He laughed at every move they made -
Deliberate or quick.

He couldn't understand, of course,
(He's thirteen months  of age)
So what got to his funny bone
Is really hard to gauge.

What seems to me quite ordinary,
Filtered through his eyes,
Becomes a new adventure
Filled with magic and surprise.

So as we watched, his all-out giggles
Filled me with delight.
The time I spend with Henry
Makes the world seem fresh and bright.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

From Above

I often glance up at the clouds
From miles and miles below
And marvel at the shapes and wonder
Where they seem to go.

From gossamer to cotton ball,
They shift and drift on high
To pique our interest in
The giant canvas of the sky.

Yet looking down upon them
From the window of a plane,
They hardly seem to move at all,
But in their spots remain.

Suspended wisps or mountain groups
They float, so blinding white
And surely everyone should gawk
With absolute delight.

Still, jaded passengers refrain
From even one quick glance 
But oh, I love to watch the clouds
When I'm allowed the chance.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Getting Old

Have you had your colonoscopy?
Your mammogram? Or hey –
Your stress test? Blood work? Body scan?
Get on it right away!

If you cannot relate to this,
Just wait a few quick years
For as you age, that youthful health
Dries up and disappears.

And then the testing days begin
So when you’re with your friends,
You’ll find your conversations
Follow healthcare’s latest trends.

When you are young, you think your youth
Will always be on hold.
It’s really quite surprising
How things change as you grow old.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


The quickest way to see your life
Go on a downward spiral
Is doing something stupid and
Discerning it’s gone viral.

A young man lured a local cat
And when it came close by,
He grabbed that feline, flinging it
Way up into the sky.

He laughed and so did all his pals
But someone did record it
And as it traveled ‘round the globe,
Well, very few ignored it.

The perp will get his day in court
But doesn’t really get it.
He’d like to let the matter drop,
Yet nobody will let it.

Oh, by the way, the cat is fine;
He’s found a loving home.
The bully, though’s been vilified –
On tape and in this poem.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Staying in Lane

I had just learned to read.
With my dad at the wheel,
I was scanning the signs,
Which had novel appeal.

When I proudly called out,
“Daddy – there’s a mistake!”
I was hoping a clever
Impression I’d make.

“See that sign? It says plainly
To stay in your lane.
They must mean stay in line,”
I explained with disdain.

My dad chuckled and then
He made clear what it meant,
So my showing-off bluster
I had to lament.

Still, that memory’s stuck
In some part of my brain
And it surfaces sometimes
When I leave my lane.

Friday, October 17, 2014

In the Orchestra

I’m perched in the orchestra,
Close to the stage;
The actors’ expressions
I’ll readily gauge.

I picture them waiting,
Relaxing or tense,
Not thinking of us
With the slightest suspense.

To them, it’s a job
But to us, a night out.
They’ve lots more at stake, though,
Of that there’s no doubt.

We’ll listen and watch
And prepare to critique,
While they must continue
The rest of the week.

The curtain goes up;
They’re ready to start.
I sit in the audience,
Playing my part.