Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter Walk

Floating in the river, there are
Chunks and bits of ice,
Lazily meandering,
Their journey imprecise.

The water’s gray, the sky is blue;
A smokestack bellows white.
An early morning winter walk
Such eyeings do invite.

The promenade belongs to me;
Manhattan’s yet to stir.
The neighborhood is mine alone;
The pigeons would concur.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Bound and Unbound

I’m sure you’ve never heard of her –
Her name was Judith Scott.
The cards were stacked against her
So she didn’t have a shot.

Both Down’s and deafness were her lot;
Her twin was not affected.
An institution was her home
Where nothing was expected.

When she was in her 40’s though,
Her sister got her out
And only then did she first taste
What life was all about.

A center for disabled folk
Taught art and Judith thrived.
In sculpture using cloth and objects,
Artistry arrived.

Her colorful creations now
In Brooklyn* can be found.
Together they’re displayed and titled
“Bound and” yes, “Unbound.”

No one knew what Judith Scott
Was thinking while creating,
But she’s the proof within us all
Potential might be waiting.

*Brooklyn Museum

Thursday, February 26, 2015


In many local chain stores,
The cashier is now passé.
You check out by yourself whenever
You’re prepared to pay.

You scan each item one by one;
The codes reveal the price
And if you have a coupon,
It’s accepted – very nice!

If you need help, a store employee’s
Waiting in the wings
And when you’re done, some bags await
For you to pack your things.

At first I wasn’t thrilled about
The whole self-checkout plan,
But since it seems to speed things up,
I’m now a loyal fan.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Set Design

A set designer should be praised
When audiences feel
That everything upon that stage
Is accurate and real.

The furniture and all the props
Should hearken from the year
The playwright chose to set the scene
And thus, the atmosphere.

The play I saw today took place
In nineteen thirty-eight.
The costumes and the furnishings
Were perfect for that date.

I felt I’d wandered back in time
With 30’s actors starring
And when I left the theater,
It was just a little jarring.

Revivals sometimes make it big
But even if it flops,
The people who designed the set
Deserve to get some props!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Square Meal

I had a meal that wasn’t square
Though all the things I’d need were there:
Some crusty bread, some cheese and fruit
And lots of salad spreads, to boot.

A plate of veggies, nicely sliced
And lox and cream cheese, which enticed.
A pot of coffee, freshly perked
And pastries (where the cal’ries lurked).

I lunched with utter pure delight;
The hostess got it all just right.
I wonder how would one prepare
A better meal to make it square.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Trails

At the end of their shows
Both Roy Rogers and Dale,
On horseback, would sing the same song.
It was meant, I suppose,
And it never did fail,
As a sweet way of saying “So long!”

For the message conveyed
As they crooned their farewell
Was, “We’ll see you again very soon;”
And the smiles they displayed,
More than words, would compel
Us to know that would be opportune.

So my husband and I,
When we’re taking our leave
Of our grandson, will sing “Happy Trails;”
And he knows it’s goodbye
But I truly believe
That more sweetness than sadness prevails.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Little Things

It’s the little things that make a life
And not the huge occasion.
Convincing others, though, might take
A dollop of persuasion.

A wedding’s often memorable
But to the bride and groom,
More special are the moments
When their love began to bloom.

A baby’s birth we can’t forget
But in a little while
That vision won’t compare to
Each accomplishment or smile.

Anticipation of vacation’s
Part of the appeal
But looking back, we might recall
One laugh or one great meal.

Our lives are built of little things
That lack a starring role,
Yet add them up and you will see
They form a perfect whole.